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Web platform for neighbors to share with each other

David Pescovitz at 12:52 PM May 12, 2010



start-up Share Some Sugar created a Web platform to link up neighbors who need to borrow things, and the people who don’t mind loaning them. I haven’t tried it, but I very much like the idea of communities sharing tools and other things that are just impractical or too expensive for most people to purchase, but when you need one, you really need one.

Here’s the co

mpany story:

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Save money and resources by sharing stuff with your friends

Richard Branson: Five Secrets to Business Success –

Richard Branson: Five Secrets to Business Success –

No. 1: Enjoy What You Are Doing.

No. 2: Create Something That Stands Out.

No. 3: Create Something That Everybody Who Works for You is Really Proud of.

No. 4: Be a Good Leader.

No. 5: Be Visible.

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Raffle Dog!

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Itizen- every product may have its own story..

Itizen believes that the best things in life are the ones with the best stories behind them, and we’ve created a new way for you to share those stories. Sign up for a free account, and start telling the story of your stuff today.–cool business idea
Charlestown, Mass.
Founded: 2009

The Census bureau estimates that the number of people age 65-plus will shoot from 40.2 million in 2010 to 88.5 million in 2050, and some estimates put the eldercare market at nearly $200 billion. At 26, Meagan Shea isn’t anywhere near that demographic, but she’s serving it well with, which helps aging adults and their caregiver children more easily find care solutions. Shea came up with the idea after going through the onerous process of relocating an aging relative across the country, trying to find appropriate medical and care facilities and services. It inspired her to make an online information and content center for caregivers of aging relatives. was one of 15 of 42 businesses selected for development by Shea’s business school peers as she was finishing her MBA at Babson College. Using $79,000 from family and friends, she launched last July and now has a database of more than 5,800 services. Two of her classmates have joined the company, and they will be rolling out nationally in late 2010.

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Foursquare–new way of staying social!

socializing changes; i have to follow the trends and then to prevent and create them..

i love this idea of a close connected community; people need to belong somewhere. they need to breath through communities

New York
Founded: 2009

You may not be ruler of all you survey, but you could be mayor of your favorite coffee shop. Foursquare can best be described as a convergence of traditional social media like Facebook and Twitter and real-life meet-ups. Users «check in» from their locations and can also see where other Foursquare contacts are to join forces. This game-like aspect of Foursquare, especially the mayoral designation, has fostered good-natured competition among customers, who may stop by the shop and check in via smartphone two or three times a day to keep top-visitor status. The person who checks in the most from any given location is named «mayor» of that location, and endowed with bragging rights and, sometimes, prizes. At press time, there were rumors that Yahoo! was considering buying the upstart, co-founded by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai in 2009, for $100 million.

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